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Additional offer
As a part of our additional offer we can recommend you two excursions to visit the untouched nature under the guidance of your host:

  • an excursion to our mountain hut “NJIVE”
  • an excursion to the canyon of the river “KRUPA”
  • a ride with a fishing boat and fishing
  • organization of an excursion
  • grape harvesting and winemaking (September)
  • distilling of liquor (October)
Mountain hut “NJIVE”
For all guests who want to spend their holidays in a more active way letting their adventurous spirit enjoy the beauty of the canyon of the national park Paklenica and the magnificent view of the Velebit canal, we invite you to a trip to our mountain hut “NJIVE”.

The roots of our family come from this place and that’s why we renovated our mountain hut with a lot of joy and will.

Through the canyon of the national park Paklenica, you'll rich the heart of the untouched nature “NJIVE” where you can enjoy the ambiance of our mountain hut and get to know the customs and tradition of our ancestors.

After a tiring mountain climb, you’ll recover with a glass of home-made brandy or wine and try the specialities our ancestors enjoyed and as a dessert, we will offer you some of our home-made honey.

The spring of the river KRUPA
We offer you a beautiful trip to the canyon of the river Krupa. Far from the modern civilization and the mass tourism you will enter into an oasis of silence and calmness.

The descent to the Kudin Bridge and swimming under the waterfalls of the river Krupa, tasting of domestic specialities, the rippling of the river and the bird's singing will definitely be an unforgettable recollection.

A trip with a fishing boat and fishing
Guests who visit us in the pre-season and low season have the possibility to go fishing with your host.

Grape harvesting and winemaking
If you we want to see how our farmers live and work, you can join us in grape harvesting.

Every year in September, all our guests who have the desire and will to work, can accompany us to the villages in Ravni Kotari.

After the harvest and the picnic you will have the possibility to take part in winemaking based on old recipes.
Distilling of liquor
If you do not know how to spend the late autumn (October) you can come and join us in making some home made brandy.

Try domestic specialities (kotlovina- pork-and-potatoes stew and brudet-fish stew) and taste our wine brandy, home-brewed wine and sherry.